Education Lawyers for Students' Rights

Meet Our Education Attorneys

Education Lawyers for Students' Rights

Meet Our Education Attorneys

Our Education Law Firm Focuses On

Special Education Rights

We represent parents and students in addressing all aspects of special education in schools and protecting the rights of special education students and young adults. Find an education lawyer who’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Civil Rights & Discrimination

We represent students to ensure that schools comply with their civil rights and that schools do not discriminate against children and young adults based on their race, national origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or other protected category.

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Bullying & Harassment

We take the necessary steps to help end the bullying a student faces in school and to hold the school responsible for damages when warranted.

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Physical & Sexual Abuse

We take the necessary action to protect the child’s rights and to recover compensation which will help the child and the family. We provide support to the family throughout the process.

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Special Needs Trust Planning

We provide the necessary analysis, estate planning and trust administration to protect and provide for the child or young adult.

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Our Team & Experience

Timoney Knox, LLP is a full-service law firm based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area serving our clients in the practice areas of education, wills and estate and business law, as well as a litigation practice which features a team of highly experienced education attorneys and trial lawyers with a proven track record of success. Our firm has over six decades of experience in handling education law issues and discrimination in school.

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Parent testimonials about Students’ Rights education attorneys.

"My son has a learning disability and I felt like he was not receiving the best learning support from his school. The school was not implementing any useful modifications or providing key elements to assist my son with learning at his instructional level. So essentially, my son was sitting at a screen getting lost with a college level curriculum being thrown at him. The school also was not providing consistent data to support any significant progress for his Reevaluations or the IEP. Besides a Mother's guidance, a child's education is the best tool for survival out in the real world. So I am truly forever grateful to Scott Wolpert and his team for paving a successful pathway to a wonderful future for my son. Through Scott's leadership and hard work we won a huge settlement against the school. I will be honest with you, there are no good schools in Philadelphia to service the kind of "specific learning disability," that my son has. Scott's team has assisted me with school selection and placement for my son at a private school full-time. Scott was also able to negotiate fully paid tuition up to graduation along with transportation to and from the school. My son also has comp education funds placed into a Trust account, to fully support summer school programming, along with transportation, and Scott negotiated a 2 week overnight stay at a wonderful summer camp. I didn't have to pay for any of this! Timoney Knox has taken care of everything! My son is able to purchase a new computer and other educational products. This is beyond anything I could have ever imagined! I still can't believe a miracle like this was possible. I owe this team, (Patricia, Christine, Wendi, Brenda and God Bless anyone else who helped) I owe the biggest amount of gratitude a human being could ever muster. Thank you all soooooo much!!!!"
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Beware of COVID Compensatory Services Offered by Pennsylvania School Districts and Charter Schools

Special education student on her couch with a tablet

Extended school closures have thrown parents and schools into unknown areas, including how to determine which students have been impacted the most - and how to address these negative impacts. Pennsylvania has provided guidance by defining COVID Compensatory Services (CCS) but it is up to the schools to assess need with an IEP team and provide services that actually compensate for any lack of progress during the closures. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of this process, show you how to keep your child’s school accountable, and get your child back on track.

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