Meet our education rights lawyers


Meet our education rights lawyers

What We Do

Special Education Rights

We represent parents and students in addressing all aspects of special education in schools and protecting the educational rights of children and young adults.

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Civil Rights & Discrimination

We represent students to ensure that schools comply with their civil rights and that schools do not discriminate against children and young adults based on their race, national origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or other protected category.

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Bullying & Harassment

We take the necessary steps to help end the bullying a student faces in school and to hold the school responsible for damages when warranted.

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Physical & Sexual Abuse

We take the necessary action to protect the child’s rights and to recover compensation which will help the child and the family. We provide support to the family throughout the process.

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Special Needs Trust Planning

We provide the necessary analysis, estate planning and trust administration to protect and provide for the child or young adult.

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We are a full-service law firm based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, serving our clients in the practice areas of education, wills and estate and business law, as well as a litigation practice which features a team of highly experienced trial lawyers with a proven track record of success. Our firm has over six decades of experience in handling education law issues.

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Parent testimonials about the Students’ Rights legal team.

"Thank you for giving us Christine. She was so cognizant about my child's fear & did a great job of listening and making him feel like he would be ok. You need to encourage more people who think like her. She wasn't just a lawyer, she was an advocate."
Parent Students' Rights law team testimonials

You disagree with the results of your school’s evaluation of your child. What now?

Request an Independent Educational Evaluation at public expense

A parent of a special needs child asks what she can do when the school has determined her son isn’t eligible for special education. A lot, in many cases. In this article, we look at specific steps parents can take in response to their child’s special education evaluation.

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