What Our Clients Are Saying About the Students' Rights Team

My son has a learning disability and I felt like he was not receiving the best learning support from his school. The school was not implementing any useful modifications or providing key elements to assist my son with learning at his instructional level. So essentially, my son was sitting at a screen getting lost with a college level curriculum being thrown at him. The school also was not providing consistent data to support any significant progress for his Reevaluations or the IEP. Besides a Mother's guidance, a child's education is the best tool for survival out in the real world. So I am truly forever grateful to Scott Wolpert and his team for paving a successful pathway to a wonderful future for my son. Through Scott's leadership and hard work we won a huge settlement against the school. I will be honest with you, there are no good schools in Philadelphia to service the kind of "specific learning disability," that my son has. Scott's team has assisted me with school selection and placement for my son at a private school full-time. Scott was also able to negotiate fully paid tuition up to graduation along with transportation to and from the school. My son also has comp education funds placed into a Trust account, to fully support summer school programming, along with transportation, and Scott negotiated a 2 week overnight stay at a wonderful summer camp. I didn't have to pay for any of this! Timoney Knox has taken care of everything! My son is able to purchase a new computer and other educational products. This is beyond anything I could have ever imagined! I still can't believe a miracle like this was possible. I owe this team, (Patricia, Christine, Wendi, Brenda and God Bless anyone else who helped) I owe the biggest amount of gratitude a human being could ever muster. Thank you all soooooo much!!!!
We cannot thank you all enough, for your time, legal advice and hard work, executed to bring this matter to a successful resolution. I am extremely thankful for your expertise and professionalism.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Scott did an excellent job representing our daughter. It was a difficult and emotional time for our family, but Scott’s experience and advocacy on behalf of our daughter provided tremendous support for us. We engaged Scott based upon a strong referral from a parent and friend who had worked with Scott in the past and that decision has truly helped our family in many ways.
From the moment I first contacted Timoney Knox, it was clear Scott and his staff had a significant amount of experience and extensive knowledge about legal and educational areas involved in my son’s special needs and his education. I was really impressed with their professionalism and they listened to our concerns and goals and were responsive.
Pat provided guidance and advice that was so helpful and directly led to changes in my daughter's IEP and school program that will really benefit her.
Thank you for giving us Christine. She was so cognizant about my child's fear & did a great job of listening and making him feel like he would be ok. You need to encourage more people who think like her. She wasn't just a lawyer, she was an advocate.
Thanks again, and I am very proud to announce [our child] finished the year with all A's and B's, she was one of the students chosen to read her speech at graduation, and she aced it!


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